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The Learning Disabilities Treatment Association - "Beit Ruth"
was founded in 1985 by school director, Dganith Hadda.

Prior to her current position, Dganith was the director of the Remedial Learning Center in the city of Haifa.
It was there that she met Ruth Frankel, daughter-in-law of Max and Mimi Frankel.
Ruth had four children with learning disabilities, who were treated by Dganith.
The Frankel Family helped the center financially and
Ruth was very active in organizing a parent group of the children. Hence, Dganith founded "Beit Ruth" in memory of Ruth Frankel.
The school was awarded the 1982 Israel Education Prize

The American Friends of the Max and Mimi Frankel Leaning Center Fund
was initiated approximately twenty years ago by Ernest Weil.
His daughter, Evelyn Weil Rote, was a special education teacher there for many years.
Impressed with the school and the dedication of the staff, he started a fund in America to help raise money for
the school. The fund's founder, Ernest, and current director Karen Weil,
have stayed committed to donating 100% of the money collected.

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