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Beit Ruth is a unique place…it is actually a house…one of light and hope. Children from kindergarten through high school, and some adults as well, attend the Learning Center, which accommodates approximately 60 students.

Often it is the regular school that refers the child to the Center. There, they are thoroughly assessed to determine their academic, psychological, visual and auditory needs. Often these children have normal or above average intelligence, but there is some neuropsychological disruption that keeps the child from easily processing certain information. Depending on their individual learning disability, whether it is in reading, writing, math,
emotional or motor development etc. a program is individually
and carefully tailored to the specific need of the child.

The children come after school, usually three times a week for two hours per session. The goal is rehabilitation and complete integration into “normal” society. The hope is that they can “catch” them early, before their self-esteem and confidence is shattered. With lots of hard work and dedication of everyone involved…the staff, parents, and student…within a year or so, close to eighty percent of the children gradually overcome their learning disability

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